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occidente lingerie

VINTAGE charmeuse triangle and brief, MILA jersey comfy robe in certified organic cotton made in france


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IRIS tank top in organic jersey cotton




made in france

BRIGITTE unwired triangle bra and CHRISTA brief in organic jersey cotton

openmymed prize
since its creation in 2008,

occidente : organic lingerie

has become a leader in the specialized market of ecofriendly

organic cotton lingerie and loungewear

. it owes its success as much to the quality of its products as to the originality of its designs, creating a totally personalized wardrobe inspired by cultures from the four corners of the globe with a constant focus: allowing the wearer privileged moments of total escape. ecofriendly from the choice of ecological materials and environmentally friendly inks, to recycled buttons and paper labels, this holistic approach also entails long-term partnerships with suppliers and artisans who respect fair trade principles. even though creative inspiration is found in many different cultures around the world, the occidente collections are designed and mainly

produced in france on the french riviera

. the authenticity and unique concept of occidente quickly gained great interest both with customers and the press. items from the collections are frequently featured in well-known fashion magazines and websites. occidente has on several occasions been especially featured in professional trade shows for its’ creative designs and innovative take on

modern lingerie and loungewear

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